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The future

No child should be part of war. Ever. Nevertheless millions of children worldwide grow up with the consequences of armed conflict. To be effective in the face of massive need and increase our relevance, War Child will further sharpen its focus. We want to maximise our impact on the lives of children and young people affected by war. We want to increase our relevance as an international expert on psychosocial support to children affected by armed conflict, giving them a sense of future through access to education and a sense of security through increased protection.

Over the past few years, War Child's Strategy 2015 has successfully guided planning throughout the organisation. In 2013 we revised the strategy in order to sharpen our focus and bring our work, both in the field and at head office, closer to our core values. In 2014 we will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work by mainstreaming a common focus throughout the organisation. All of our projects will be assessed on their alignment with our core mandate: providing psychosocial support to children in conflict affected areas.

While sharpening our focus, we will also increase the transparency of our work. Implementing the IATA standards and openly sharing our data online will allow our stakeholders to gain a better understanding of our work on an up-to-date, day-to-day basis.

In 2014, War Child will also work to stimulate team play in the organisation by engaging cross departmental expert groups in the development and implementation of different projects. This approach will not only build a sense of team, but will make better use of the available knowledge and skills in the organisation.

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