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Syria campaign

At the end of 2013 a campaign focusing on the Syrian conflict was launched as a follow up to last year’s corporate campaign ‘The Power of Friendship’. Using the slogan “Together we can take the war out of a child”, the campaign focused on the psychosocial impact of the conflict on two Syrian children. In addition to raising public awareness, the goal of the campaign was to strengthen War Child’s brand and increase the public’s sense of connection with War Child. Sponsored media support helped develop and distribute a radio spot and TV spot, printed posters and on line banners.

Lessons learnt

While the original intention was to develop a corporate communication campaign, the campaign’s focus shifted to fundraising, with the goal of raising € 25,000. Because of this shift, campaign outputs were branded to enhance the public’s sense of connection with the organisation using a suitable pay off, while at the same time, asked the public and our Friends to donate money. Although the campaign achieved high visibility, reaching 35 percent of our target group, only € 2,500 was donated as a specific result of the campaign. This could be due our dependence on sponsored media exposure, which meant that the TV and radio spots were not always aired in good time slots with enough exposure and repetition to convince the targeted audience to donate. Furthermore, convincing people to call a phone number after watching a TV commercial proved difficult and did not have the desired effect.

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