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Board activities in 2013

In 2013, the Board held four regularly scheduled meetings, one additional meeting to discuss the recalibration of the War Child Strategy 2010-2015, and two audit committee meetings, all attended by management. The Board held an additional meeting to evaluate the function and performance of the board and that of the Statutory Director in the absence of management. Board members also informally met individually with managers and staff to have a better understanding of the day-to-day operations and, where possible and applicable, advise on specific topics. One board member, Raymond Cloosterman, visited War Child’s programme in the occupied Palestinian territory.

In addition to monitoring the progress of the annual plan in each of War Child’s head office departments, the main topics of the four regularly scheduled meetings included:

  • annual accounts and Annual Report 2012;

  • the recalibration of the War Child strategy;

  • the restructuring of the Marketing and Fundraising Department (including the integration of the Institutional Fundraising Unit) and the split of the Programme Department into the Field Operations Department and the Quality, Accountability and Learning Department;

  • changes made to the Annual Plan 2014 as a consequence of the recalibrated strategy and fundraising challenges;

  • the global advocacy strategy;

  • War Child International: cooperation with War Child UK and War Child Canada;

  • the reserve policy;

  • risk and security management and development and management of the Integrity Policy, and;

  • the new location for the head office in Amsterdam.

The War Child management team shares organisational highlights and lowlights with the Board on a monthly basis.

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