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Our strategy

At the end of 2009, War Child adopted a five-year strategy to guide the organisation in reaching and supporting conflict-affected children as efficiently and effectively as possible. A mid-term review of the strategy, including the organisation’s strategic objectives and outcomes, was conducted in 2013. The review showed that many milestones had been reached - some even better than expected - but also demonstrated that we need to refocus our work to the areas and children that are most affected by conflicts.

In response, the organisation was led to reformulate its strategic outcomes until 2015, while keeping our mission statement fundamentally unchanged: to provide the most relevant and effective support to children in war affected areas, as close to conflicts as possible. Our targets for 2015 were reformulated as follows:

  • 410,000 children will have participated in activities, which aim to give them access to the psychosocial support they need to strengthen their resilience, and develop essential social and emotional skills.

  • 620,000 children will have participated in activities aiming to protect them from abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation.

  • 458,000 children will have participated in activities aiming to provide access to high quality, safe and inclusive educational opportunities that enable them to develop to their fullest potential.

  • 12,000 children will have participated in activities that enable children’s meaningful participation in decision-making that affects them, expressing their views freely and having them taken into account.

The results on these objectives and outcomes of running projects can be found in Reach per strategic objective.

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